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Eine kleine Grussbotschaft von Regisseurin Kara Rhodes von BRIDGEWALKERS dem Gewinnerfilm des Cosmic Angel Award Publikumspreis 2014

A huge thank you to the Cosmic Cine Film Festival especially Maik and Dunja for all your expertise and the many film makers who were willing to passionately create such incredible films that matter!!!!! I applaud you all and sing your praises!!!!

It is an incredible honor to accept the Cosmic Angel Award on behalf of the Tribal Elders….Angaangaq of Kalaallit in Greenland, Dave Courchene of Anishnabe for Manitoba, Canada, Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nation in South Dakota as well as Chief Darrell Bob of the St „at imc Nation in Lillooet, BC and all the Indigenous People who are sharing their special gifts in connection to Mother Earth and the One Human Family.

It my absolutely pleasure to make this film and to gather the very best BridgeWalker Team with incredible talent. I also wish to thank my coproducer, Jim Whitney and my editor, Leslie Tong/Gache and my writer, Don Cirillo and my musical composer, John Adair as well as many others.

BridgeWalkers is a film that has been such a privilege to bring out to the World at this delicate time in our history. It is a recognition of the Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, ceremonies and visions that take us all on a journey into our own deepest hearts if we choose!!!!

When we are able to recognize the extraordinary gifts of Indigenous tribal nations world wide we also are able to recognize our own gifts and purpose for being here. We all have purpose and we all hold a piece of the changes needed in our world again if we choose.

God bless you all and thank you,



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