5 short films available in 2015 to the online voting, so that is the time until the Festival full of life!

You can select online of all cosmic Cine fans from 15 March to 15 April to the Favorites. Who gets the most views and likes of the spectators at the end, WINS this year COSMIC ANGEL short film AWARD 2015 on the large AWARD GALA in Munich.

Here you can see all 5 short movies - each ready looked YOU TUBE call (view) is one of a point and
with your like (thumbs up) your Favorites you can give even 10 extra points him.
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The H2Ochschwarzwald short film showcases the beauty of the unique flora and fauna in the high black forest. But above all, he will highlight the importance of water as elixir of life for animals and plants and will remember this, touch and inspire. He should inspire people to engage for a preservation of the waterways and lead to more economical deal. By the H2Ochschwarzwald - film is four seasons film and photography project "Black forest adventure" over the National Park Black Forest emerged, to sensitize people to the beauty of the Black Forest and our nature.

Facebook page adventure Black Forest


Estás Tonné visited countless places. He finds himself in different cultures without to identify themselves with a single nation or a country. In his songs he expresses the diversity of the world. At the same time, his music is a reflection of this diversity and unity. A fusion between classic structure, of the art of flamenco, roots of the Gypsy, characteristics of the Latin and electronic sound flow into one another without that you noticed it. The guitar at his side is spinning the hanging by a thread. Access to emotions, the fire of life and the "I know" and "I don't know" as opposites of life, the message of this short film and the base of the statue are it and hope.

Facebook page InternalFlightwithPaganel


LIGHTS IN THE DARK - Sebastian Skuhra

The short - movie "lights in the dark" by Sebastian Skuhra documented the night scenery of Iceland with its magnificent glaciers and spectacular northern lights. The fascinating lights highlight the melting beauty and let stand still your breath. Unique photos show this phenomenon in all its glory. Time lapse (time lapse) give us a different perspective on operations that accompany us every day. In the time lapse movie sequences appear, which are not perceptible in this optical concentration and speed in real time and Sebastian with TEMPONAUT has focused attention.

Facebook page temponaut

PROJECTIONS IN THE FOREST - Frederick van Schoor & Tarek Mawad

Projections in the forest means translated "naturally luminous forest" by the artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad created. The artist of this short film spent six weeks in the forest, fascinated by the silence and the natural events in nature. You observed the phenomenon of "natural lights" in the midst of the darkness of the forest. The magic face of this landscape by means of projectors is to highlight to highlight its natural beauty, its goal - was stunning is the result.


THE MAMOS and the trees of peace - Angelo FilmCreation team & peace tree Foundation

"We have the entire creation invited this film to shape.", so the peace tree team consisting of Caroline wishes, Laila Milon, Brian Hüchtebrock, Jost Bradke (Director, Matthias, Isabella and son Joshua Walter and Michael Ott (sound). While they followed the call of their hearts, and the invitation, to plant a tree of peace on an international Earth Healing meeting in Montana, United States. While they had a special encounter with the Mamos - four Messenger of an indigenous people (consisting of Mamo Dwawiku, Seyaringuma, Kasiney and Nerunguma) are today keepers and carriers of ancient wisdom and live according to the original and universal laws. In the film, they direct their messages to humanity as the guardian of the Earth.

FACEBOOK: peace tree

Each short film is also during the Festival weeks in all six cities
2 time in front of a movie on the big screen!

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