Musicians of different styles take the audience before each film in the world of sound with their individual terms, with their descriptive texts and instruments. Each has its own unique sound. You open the heart of our viewers from the first second.

The sound of the heart

Music on the cosmic cine film festival

What would be the world without sound - without music playing life. Everything is vibration in the universe and on Earth - even our words. A movie consists of not only stories but is a film music a complex interplay of filmmaker, directing, acting and contributors as well as images, camera, nature and man, cut and ultimately the most important thing.

The unique experience of a movie arises from the Symphony of this diversity (Greek sýmphōnos, sounding together ' harmonious). A harmonious blades together countless components makes the medium film into something very special. Makes an important contribution to the music and enhances the emotional impact of a movie – she touched in the heart and wears feelings through the big screen.

How well does music is known to most people. Numerous studies dealing with the effect of sound and musical parameters such as speed, frequency, volume, sound colour and more. The film music is and remains an important element for the cinema. Most musicians and artists of the film music in the background - cosmic Cine wants to sharpen the look of this unique component and repeated reinforcements this year. At the main locations of Munich and Zurich, live music and singer-songwriter melt the ice.


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