The creative arts film festival coming to the expression on the cosmic Cine are another source of inspiration. These are the design and film our creative agencies and to other exceptional artists from all over the world who engage with their talents at the Festival at the two main plants in Munich and Zurich. Magic, dance, fashion design, and painting will find place - in a world of the festival here, the diversity is. A pleasure for the eyes, an enrichment for every viewer and a further expression of human ability.

The world of creative arts

If a painter finished his work its pure essence has gone into each swing of the brush and he brought that forms and materials by colors, expressing what for him is hardly describable in words. Just as it is with designers, dancers, filmmakers, and any creative who is going the way of the artist. But the most beautiful gift for anyone this "creator" is, if he can share his artwork with other people. What is my relation to my work? What triggers it? What could I give to the world?

A study by Hanno Rautenberg from 2012, our platforms, was published in illustrated in the culture of the time, exhibitions and stage must be fulfilled with more sense: "DieMuseen to small, quiet and empty are. Stop with the Biennale and Documenta hustle and bustle! The future belongs to the contemplation. So far, the German museums mighty proud of it are when most visitors come. Cling to the impressive numbers - 115 million visits per year, and rising! Open also diligently a special exhibition to the next without himself busy to have. Last, there were on average 30, on each day of the year. But what exactly is happening in the Museum, what visitors respond, designed as an exhibition, so that a work of art unfolds its effect — know anything about the curators in case of doubt. Many don't want to even know it."

The creative arts, his research shows, are not so much head thing. You sindvor all a physical experience, which can look through the room, the appreciation and the willingness to impartially to open. A lingering few specimens related to the festival atmosphere that is what we want to achieve. We introduce you to the artists on this site and want to build a relationship in advance, keep the important feedback loop, not on the track. What is perceived? What banged? ...WIR looking forward to your feedback.


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