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Tens of thousands of people have already the cosmic cine film festival for the past 5 years attended. Also about fifty musicians and hundreds of speakers. People who have fascinated us as a team and enriched by their perspective. Everyone had something to contribute otherwise. We want to precisely these different perspectives, angle of view and perspectives Nextwear. On cosmic Cine TV we show moments that we have captured with our camera on the spot.

Directors, musicians, guests, moderators, team and spectators in the interview... and each month we recovered a new gem from the archives.

Cosmic Cine TALKS with the directors of infinite now Jasmin Wagner and novel Pachernegg

Cosmic Cine TALKS with the band solar storm

Cosmic Cine TALKS with the authors of Jwala & Karl Gamper

Cosmic Cine TALKS with the directors of BREATH Sandra Felder & Stefan Rainer

Find messages by and for people also on our you tube channel of cosmic Cine TV.

Also all trailers of nominees from 2011 to 2015 are of course - have fun at the discover!


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