Munich is the capital city of the free State of Bavaria. It is the largest town in Bavaria and the third largest city in the Federal Republic of Germany with 1.35 million inhabitants. More than 2.6 million people live in the greater Munich area. A city characterized by lifestyle and flair.

Sometime in the 1960s, Munich registered that it had become the secret German capital. But Munich did not take its peaceful atmosphere and to write this "mega-village" today affectionately as "Capital city with heart". Make sure the oases of comfort such as the typical beer gardens, the many green spaces with English garden and the primal ISAR (Flaucher), the Viktualienmarkt and the sympathetic districts of Schwabing, Haidhausen, Giesing.

Not to forget that every year in September recurring Oktoberfest that draws the tourists in droves to the ISAR metropolis. Yet Munich has grown in the meantime the second largest German industrial city: here future is shaped every day in a creative process of the work. Despite high rents and land prices, Munich is the most attractive place of residence of the Republic according to nationwide polls. This development was still not foreseeable at the time Duke Henry of the Lion: then the Duke was annoyed that only the Bishop of Freising was entitled to raise the tariffs of traders, who brought the Berchtesgardener salt in the German cities of the Empire. Because it had only a bridge over the river ISAR. The Duke had just erichten a second bridge in the vicinity of a small monastic settlement, after - how by accident - the bridge of the Bischoff was burned to the ground.

From now on, the merchants had to pay the toll on him. The salt paths he had to expand to major roads and built first warehouses for salt from the monks. So was Munich, and still wears a monk on his coat of arms: "The Münchner Kindl." Today offers what cities like Berlin, Rome, Paris or Vienna offer Munich: Munich is capital and cultural metropolis with old and new Pinakothek, German Museum, the Villa stuck and the Lenbachhaus, to name just a few historical sights. Countless Theatre, a successful film industry, the Olympic site by 1972, interesting architectural buildings such as the old town hall, historic Kirchenwie the Church of our Lady and of course the local as the international gastronomy, has to offer that up to the pig roast all kinds of culinary treats from white sausage with sweet mustard.

The picturesque surroundings of Munich with its lakes, Ammersee, Lake Starnberg and Tegernsee and the related alpine foothills offer a variety of offered little in one other spot in Germany. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, King of fairy tales and admirer of Wagner's coined as the country and left behind mystical splendour of buildings such as Linderhof Castle, Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee and the rings.

Not only for hair dryer, if Munich spoiled with huge views of the Alps. but on a rainy day at a lonely walk through the English garden with final visit of the comic cine film festival at the Filmpalast (m) athäser directly to the Stachus square in the heart of Munich will learn you will love this city.

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The MARITIM Hotel Munich

MARITIM Hotel Munich
Goethestraße 7
80336 Munich
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Reservations: 089 55235-860
Booking code: CosmicCine

MARITIM Hotel Munich is located in a quiet courtyard in close proximity to the main railway station, the Filmpalast (mathäser) and the Stachus. The attractive shopping and avenues of the city centre can be explored on foot from here. The MARITIM hotel offers all visitors of the cosmic cine film festivals:

  • 347 tastefully decorated rooms up to 22 m² size
  • Panorama-rooftop indoor swimming pool with a magnificent view over the rooftops of Munich and on the Church of our Lady
  • Central location in the city centre & Festival

Hotel check-in: from 15:00
Hotel check-out: until 12 h 00



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