One of the most impressive examples of a according to geomantic principles and the laws of sacred geometry-based city is Karlsruhe.

The fascinating connections and Parallels to long sunken cultures were analyzed already. If harmonisation of the qualities of place and time, reflected an idea or event in the form of her own, in time appropriate for them and the only suitable location; This applies to history and thus also political development of Karlsruhe and Baden, and - in a hermetically hidden meaning - finally all over Germany in a particularly striking way.

The ancient genius was likely loci of Baden residence auslösender factor for the exemplary in Germany and in the meantime well-known geomantic studies of the Rhine between Karlsruhe: rare intellectual laws and structural manifestations in the sense of a hermetic interpretation interdependent as much as in the "Sun City" Karlsruhe.

If indeed, it can be accepted that the archetypal cosmic cycle teaching - in our scientistic society prematurely as medieval astrology and thus from the outset as hostile to science discredits the quality of time - and to make equally individual as global events, as reflects the holistic tangible history also in the understanding of reincarnation and the geomancy mutatis mutandis the quality of the place, then why are the baroque city foundation of Karlsruhe for topographic focus of a temporal compacted exemplary geomancy and equally German history erahnbar and can be seen, could.

As Carol peace was founded on 17 June 1715 by Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach, a plan could be realized in a few years, unequalled anywhere in Europe and the world of geometric, topographic, hermetic, Masonic and religious realities and symbols: Karlsruhe Central streets as cosmological world system with a symbolic representation of the world order. Both the sketch of its planning in the Hardt forest as the well known Thransche Gartenprospect of 1739 leave the Dreiecks-(Pyramiden-) at a glance and identify the circuit configuration; Today this city unique on Earth and Park from the air is clearly seen.

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The Hotel Kaiserhof Karlsruhe

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Hotel Kaiserhof is located in the Centre of the city. Just a 5-minute walk you can reach the Congress Centre, the beautiful Karlsruhe Palace, the Federal Supreme Court and the main shopping area in downtown. Unique free services, a modern spa area in special atmosphere, as well as enjoyable and balanced buffet breakfast offer perfect conditions for a stay to feel good. The Hotel Kaiserhof is a Festival partner of cosmic Cine in Karlsruhe and is 24 hours for questions regarding overnight stays: Tel.: 0721 91700 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. available

  • Modernly furnished rooms with contemporary art
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  • Central location in the vicinity of the Festival

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