Science, research and art are closely connected to the city of Darmstadt for many hundred years. Great thinkers, inventors and researchers have long ago established the reputation of the today's city of science and created the basis for the modern Darmstadt.

Many companies, institutions, and associations have steadily extended this chain of innovation to the present. The city is proud of its brilliant minds: Justus von Liebig and Georg Büchner, Peter Behrens and Bert Rürup. Darmstadt unites mind, research, science, economy, culture and quality of life in a special way. Although it has only about 140,000 inhabitants, Darmstadt in the Champions League of the most powerful centres plays. And that for centuries. Because the Science City's roots reach back far, and they nourish the flowers of present today.

Science City: a title with great substance. In Darmstadt, Germany, more than 16,000 students at the Technical University receive a highly qualified education. In research and study rankings TU regularly top positions. The Darmstadt University of technology, one of Germany's largest universities of applied sciences, as well as the Protestant University of applied sciences enrich the spectrum. Facilities include three of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, revalue the city as a center of the basic research and application-oriented research.

Many global corporations and medium-sized enterprises stand for progress and innovation in aviation and aerospace technology, mechatronics, software development and information and communication technology. Research and development often take place at the site. The Science City is therefore also an inventor city, incorporated in diverse international relations and partnerships. Art, culture and innovation have always played a special role in Darmstadt. A great example: Landgravine Caroline of Hesse-Darmstadt. As Madame de lettre, she led in the 18th century not only an extensive correspondence with many figures of the time. Including Goethe, Voltaire, Klopstock, Herder, and Wieland waiting made her Salon.

For the Darmstadt-based impact and intellectual history is exemplary also Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, the astute Aphorist of the 18th century, outstanding natural scholar turbine research at the TU Darmstadt and was the first German Professor of experimental physics. Justus von Liebig is also closely associated with Darmstadt. There was the later chemist who revolutionized the chemistry, pharmacy, Physiology, and agriculture, to the school. His contemporary, the Darmstadt-based Publisher and writer of essays and narrative prose, Johann Heinrich Merck, was the center of the literary circle of the so-called sensitive.

Merck was one of the first and most important sponsors of the young Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. And with Georg Büchner one of the most important German writers learned important influences during his Darmstadt school when he learned about the French Revolution. Among other things in his Revo lutions drama of Danton's death has is this later reflected. His outstanding literary tradition emphasizes intestinal city today, including the annual ceremony of the Georg Büchner prize. The richest award in this field in Germany is decided by the Darmstadt-based Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung.

in 1908, the first aircraft factory was established in Darmstadt. It was August Euler, who founded two years later, the first German flight school. In 1910 the Aviator set and minutes and 18 seconds the duration flight world record with 3 hours, 6 on its airfield. Also of this a breakthrough performance, which joins in a comprehensive centuries spiritual and cultural creativity of the city and its people, who have always new paths with fresh and wissbegierigem spirit.

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