Casting is located in the center of the Federal State of Hesse, between the foothills of the Vogelsberg, Taunus and the Westerwald, and the Lahn is embedded in the beautiful River Valley. Its central location makes the University, cultural and shopping city has always been the attraction and focus of many activities. In casting the virtues of tradition-conscious culture combined with modern urbanity. Renowned educational and research facilities, a wide range of cultural, attractive leisure and recreation facilities, is a national and internationally successful Sport scene, an excellent infrastructure and generous shopping streets with considerable diversity include the qualities through the vibrant city characterised.

Casting is a university town with an international reputation. The 1607 University, which in 1957 took the name of Justus-Liebig-University, covering almost the entire spectrum of Arts and sciences subjects and contributed to moulding national and international notoriety and importance with their reputation. Together with the University of Central Hesse, making 31 000 students. With this high students share in the population, casting is the student city no. 1 in Germany.

Casting also is meeting with the culture. The early last century city theater is considered heart of Gießen cultural life that is characterized by diverse art and concert events. Historical and modern museums – such as the Liebig-Museum and the Mathematikum - invite you for a visit. The exhibitions of works of local and internationally renowned artists are notable.

In casting, especially the sectors of life sciences, metal/electric and corporate develop services due to the proximity to the universities. Efficient technology transfer institutes linking science and economy. The excellent location and transport connections use many logistics companies. Private and public services are more economic priorities in addition to the trade

The city of Gießen, over the title "Fairtrade town" is looking forward since April, 2011. The city of Gießen considered fair trade as an important contribution to global poverty since fair trade products be paid fair wages, decent working conditions.

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