Bad Godesberg is located at the southern tip of the Cologne Bight and therefore marks the transition from the Middle Rhine to Niederrhein. Godesberg was mentioned in 722 as ubische place of worship. Significance acquired Godesberg 1210, when the Cologne elector and Archbishop Dietrich I. von Hengebach lays the foundation stone of the Godesburg on October 15.

On 17 December 1583 the Godesburg is blown up by troops of the Prince-elector Ernest of Bavaria, after whose stepped predecessor of Gebhard I von Waldburg had barricaded himself Truchseß von Waldburg-Zeil there. From 1697 to 1699, under elector Joseph Clemens of Bavaria, the Interior of St. Michael's Chapel on the Godesberg is equipped with a magnificent Baroque decoration and thus receives its present-day appearance. From 1699, the Chapel is to the home Church of a few years ago founded order of Saint Michael. 1790 to 1792 was elector Max Franz new touch the spring, create the Kurpark spa gardens and building the Redoute and the overnight houses.

Godesberg to the seaside resort and was awarded the 1925 bath. During the Nazi reign, Bad Godesberg was reputed to be a particularly popular spot of the "leader". Bad Godesberg survived the second world war largely undamaged: mostly spared by the air war was heavily occupied with wounded and elderly. Therefore, the 6000-strong defenders decided on the night of 8 March 1945 to retreat across the Rhine. Deputy Mayor Ditz handed over the city by telephone to the Americans, after Mayor Heinrich Alef on the right side of the Rhine had deposed. Thus, Bad Godesberg was the first major city that without a fight and undamaged fell into the hands of the allies. Bonn in 1949 became the provisional capital city, the largely undamaged in the war Bad Godesberg became the seat of many embassies. The B-9 was in Bonn to the diplomatic track, Godesberg was nicknamed diplomat city.

Maternus wine bar near the train station in the Konrad Adenauer regularly ate lunch, nicknamed "Living room of the Republic" soon, because there many diplomatic negotiations were completed. Always underestimated and in the background, perhaps that is why Bad Godesberg has the effect of a neutral force place.

Today, Bad Godesberg is a city district of Bonn, which has however maintained in many ways its independence. Bonn was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany for many years and is also strong internationally aligned there Bad Godesberg in the previous "diplomat city" several international schools. Including an Iranian, an Arab and a Japanese school. The Spanish Academy of continuing education can be counted to this category.

The privately owned "École DeGaulle Adenauer" subordinate to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1990. Still, the King Fahd Academy located in the Godesberg district Lannesdorf. It is financed by Saudi Arabia and is aimed mainly at Muslim children. Also the headquarters of the National Cyber Security Centre is located in the South of the district Bad Godesberg in the hamlet of flours.

A city that is all too often underestimated.

Text source, Wikipedia


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