The cosmic cine film festival is a Festival for all senses. The audience may be that even on the tongue allow to dissolve at the headquarters in Munich. Thanks to the beverage manufacturer Neumarkter Lammsbräu, which will spoil the visitors in Munich with its delicious organic drinks and fresh gold leaf, the Green smoothies the company, the thirst will be satisfied fully. All visitors of and our online fans, here the opportunity to inform about the delicious drinks of two dedicated companies have that they are disseminated via Munich.

Green Smoothie - fresh cooked

From green leafy vegetables and sweet fruit, the company gold leaf, prepares fresh and locally, particularly delicious smoothies. You have vitalizing effect and strengthen the concentration and attention. The perfect energy boost during the break. "50-50, that is the secret of our Green smoothies. The chlorophyll of green leafy vegetables healthy makes them so, the sweet fruit makes it so fruity and tasty. Rounded off with spices after the 5 elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine. At our ingredients we rely on bio quality. Already tried? Drinking something green!" More infos on

The cosmic Cine Smoothie - miracle of life

This year the team of gold leaf has created a green Smoothie specifically film festival with the motto of the year 2015 for the cosmic Cine: the smoothie "Miracle of life".

To name a few of its ingredients:
-green leaves of the season (vrstl. Spinach)
-Wheat grass (for power pure and gentle detoxification)
-Light root (dissolve stored light - hardening (mentally as physically and promotes spiritual growth))
-Almond paste raw food quality

-fresh fruit
.. and as always: all in fresh organic quality! We are pleased!

Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Neumarkter Lammsbräu is organic pioneer of passion and responsibility. The traditional beverage company looks back on a long history. Already in 1628 there was the first mention of brewery and Inn "to the Golden Lamb" in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. In 1800, the family Ehrnsperger acquired the brewery and is now sole owner. In the 1970s, the first course towards an ecological business was set, then systematically implemented.

Neumarkter Lammsbräu is the organic pioneer in the beverage industry today. Already in the 1980s first organic beer varieties were produced, and in 1992 the company was the first brewery in Europe the EC received organic certification. 1995 the complete range of organic were then converted. 2010, the range is finally extended to the bio - mineral water "Bio Crystal". Today, 104 employees produce approx. 70,000 hl of beer and approximately 75,000 hl carbonated soft drinks per year - and this whole passion and dedication at the world's leading organic beverage manufacturer. Meanwhile, Neumarkter Lammsbräu has a considerable range of organic beers and offers innovations such as the first gluten-free beer brewed from barley malt. The organic lemonade now comes in different varieties like E.g. holler flower and natural Apple grape. The organic mineral water organic Crystal there in five different varieties. The Neumarkter Lammsbräu brands are available in the bio - and beverage retailers.

The organic beverage company is daily according to the motto "responsible living and create enjoyment." The premise, with nature, carefully work around the environment and the people and to create added value for all is deeply anchored in the corporate culture. So it is not surprising that everything in the company is 100% organic. That is reflected in all business processes, from harvesting of the raw materials, their processing, bottling and sale. Because water is life, only clean and pure water from the protected organic Crystal source is used for the drinks. It is noticed also, if one treats herself to some organic crystal. The water is rich in minerals and trace elements, soft and neutral, so the fresh taste of the water is retained. Also now is 100% organic and sustainably produced. Neumarkter Lammsbräu is a pioneer of organic beer brewing and focuses particularly on sustainable farming, the best raw materials and the renunciation of fertilisers and plant protection products, as well as genetic engineering free from the vicinity of Neumarkt. A special feature is the in-house Malthouse, a rarity for breweries. Brewed nature is like in the middle ages according to an old recipe, but with modern means - without additives or auxiliary materials, but with the support from mother. But not only the business processes are sustainable, employees also share these thoughts and stand behind the organic concept.


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