Communication in the cinema

Exchange and networks for new perspectives

The cosmic cine film festival thrives on people who make it. In 2015, talent show their skills, speakers their perspectives and projects their visions, to act together. Pioneers, who pass on their knowledge, newcomer, waiting for their discovery, word artist the pleasure have to share their message with other people. The filmmaker and protagonists who like to interact from the heart with the Publikm, will be present at the headquarters in Munich and Zurich. But also at all other sites it says: come into the conversation, because exactly cinema and a wide audience is there - a small but fine difference to the Chair at home. So you replace in the foyer and talks about the movie, because feedback and Word of mouth is the best for any filmmaker.

Exchange & news online

Social media for fast feedback and enthusiasm

Social media with Facebook, Twitter, Google, plus and co gives the possibility of anyone who wants to keep around the world about the development of cosmic Cine us. Steadily, we report there on the movies, sustainability, creativity and spirituality. We keep our eyes for you and share our nominees and participants, tips and info from the film and cinema industry, backstage stories from our team, tell of our new vision, cooperation partners and what we deem whatever worth seeing. Our newsletter, however, comes rarely but then selected with all around the Festival so that no date can be missed.

We rejoicing that you as a fan to us welcome!

Statements in the cosmic Cine TV

Messages and stories in inspiring interview BB´s

The cosmic cine film festival have visited the last 5 years over ten thousand people. Also about fifty musicians and hundreds of speakers. People who have fascinated us as a team and enriched by their perspective. Everyone had to contribute something else. We want to carry this further. On cosmic Cine TV we have detained moments and words so that even with all the resonance continue swinging.  You can find messages from and for people on our you tube cosmic Cine TV.

Also all trailers of all nominees of the past 5 years are of course - have fun at the discover!

A sample clip of the musician-band you will find solar storm down here - from there can you continue watching directly...



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