Ambience in the cinema hall and free air to breathe the cosmic Cine guaranteed happy fragrance that illuminates every cinema and the nose. Only natural essences are used discreetly and unobtrusively. Thanks to the light matrix laboratory Munich, an experience of the senses for young and old. The scent of GOLD of Alchemy in the laboratory according to the motto of the Festival developed in 2015.

Room fragrance of the year

The cosmic Cine fragrance 2015 - gold of Alchemy

In General, Alchemy in his accomplishment means a wedding of inner assessed arts of a people with the wisdom of nature and creation. It is one of many ways of converting a leaden soul in a "sparse State of pure mind". In the heart of the ancient alchemists, there was the certainty that there is a "prima materia" - a kind of primordial matter. In today's presentation of many people, this primordial matter is an all-embracing matrix, which creative origin is called. The recognition of this matrix requires an unconditional devotion and love of life and the Earth. This recognition is a property that can be born on the way of truth.

That just writes itself. In fact it is. There is only a decision: to tell the truth and to live accordingly. To be close to eternally creative, clarity would be this incredible, indestructible, infinite. No one can explain it with words. You know it or not. Who goes with this inner clarity, is experiencing the real life. It is the miracle of life itself. But can smell this truth? Scent of the matrix? It was a challenge to develop a fragrance for the cosmic cine film festival by 2015. Some people say they can smell thoughts, for others is a smell in the air when you have a premonition, and for most people the yearning in the wind, nor the most beautiful flower can smell so like the incredible love of life. There is a special smell of Alchemy? Something hidden or concealed such as recipes, tinctures and procedure of the old ways, through the Alchemy easier opens? This deep sense of clarity generates a special fragrance to follow the truth?

Coming out is a fragrance which smells different every moment for everyone. A smell like a warm sound, which lies in the soul and creates a quiet harmony. Poetically, we would say: "a scent of concepting, idyllic one, the angel wing stripes every soul and fairies singing lead everyone in the realms of the great dream of humanity." It can be the scent of Alchemy for the people or not. From the point of view of Alchemy, this fragrance is just a simple dress. As a nearly invisible skin. The scent of Alchemy is a touch that thinking you and tells you how exhilarating it is to be empty. The "perfume of Alchemy."

Mary Magdalene Sange and Hubert Maria Dietrich
Light matrix laboratory Munich

Review: The cosmic Cine fragrance 2014 - Tau of life
Essential composition in an information emptied water

The Tau Film Festival was created specifically for the cosmic Cine 2014 and is a sign of life since time immemorial. He stands in the ancient mythologies of the yearning of mankind for happiness and satisfaction. The Tau, which originates in the period from day to night, has many powers of transformation. It is rooted in the life and can unfold in all directions. For the alchemists everywhere in the world was and is he still considered magic ingredient. In China as a symbol of immortality, in Greece as a symbol of fertilisation and the Germans the dew comes from the world tree Yggdrasil. The power of the Moon and of the universe hides in the dew.He is from the world of the mind, and takes a delicate shape at dawn.

There is almost nothing nicer-looking eyes and a sympathetic heart as the glitter, the lights and the sparkle of Dewdrops at dawn on a wildflower meadow. No perfume, no scent of this world can be like the natural scent of dew on the flower petals everywhere in this world. So our fragrance is a deep thanks to this gift of nature and creation. Maybe we get a little at the feeling of dew with our composition. In a bath full of rope, this fine kind of liquid, which is located between the water and air and has inhaled a touch of floral fragrance. "Who knows the language of dew, speaks the language of all times." is embedded in an information dumped water from the light matrix laboratory Munich is this fine fluid as a bridge whose name means trust, and whose Foundation with large letters.

Hubert Maria Dietrich
Light matrix laboratory Munich

Who would like to purchase the rope of life & the gold of Alchemy, can contact laboratory Munich directly to the light matrix.


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