Themenwelten auf dem Cosmic Cine Filmfestival

CC genre 2015: elements & worlds

What do I have to offer the world, which is so unique, that all just waiting until I bring this treasure in life? How do I find my golden mean, my own potential, the diamonds, to expose it is if I me myself can not see? The map of our life is hidden in all of our experiences. Our life is the Guide to the core of our being. We discover what surrounds us, through experiences that gives us life, through people who meet, animals, plants and all worlds that reflect us itself mostly through everything. What would be so closer than to observe this to avoid having to one or the other end? The journey through the worlds of the festival week is a little support on the journey to himself each year. Travelers who take the whole cosmic Cine team and all contributors - in 2015 under the motto miracle of life.

After the films built bridges across all cultures, skin colours, continents and countries in 2014 up to the infinite distances in the universe, we dedicate the 5 elements of the Earth in 2015 under the motto "Miracle of life" — Let's see where this adventure does end up on the big Awards Gala in Munich....
What diversity and uniqueness on this planet does exist, the flora reveals. Stunningly beautiful and fascinating at the same time. Much is to be discovered here. Take a closer look a shape and colours, we can learn much from the revealed each.Was in the way to develop it, to communicate or to find its own expression, which knows no boundaries of beauty and individuality. Nature reveals its secrets. Get inspired!
Fascination with wildlife - pure evolution. Together, we can raise a world of unimaginable potential. We try to broaden the views of our roommate just and admit that the animal world has to say a lot. Miracles opens with enough attention and accurate observation. Holds the animal world for us which replies and messages? New perspectives and a connection of the heart is only an effect that we experience when we turn to the animal world.
The man is full of potentials and unprecedented capabilities. This is often completely unaware the single individual as also the collective and we want to contribute to this awareness. Movies that motivate to discover his gift are in demand to this day.Are pioneers, pioneers and visionaries who inspire us to Word. The evolution is in full swing. What opportunities are she each individual and society as a whole? Fortunately, we can replace all of us after these films: from person to person.
What kind of world surrounds us and why? Environment, community, matter, colors, shapes, as well as time and space must be decrypted. The nominated films raise the awareness of our environment on this day.The possibilities and key hiding to be uncovered. An all around views on the environment and on ourselves. The environment as a mirror and teacher. The environment as a world for which we are personally responsible and that we must achieve sustainable for a livable future of all future generations.
Being different is normal. Not a single living being in this universe is equal and we are honest, as long as we have no evidence that there is another or Eldar life here on our planet or in space, we can assume the contrary. The chances of other worlds are at least very high if not unique.Travel together in invisible areas of nature and ask the question whether there is extraterrestrial life. The Otherworld opens the borders of our minds.

The vision and fantasy world called also or as a fictional reality that differs by more or less large deviations from reality fictional world or fictional universe. Deviations may occur by Vision sound techniques, fantasy figures, or the existence of magic, and other unexplained phenomena. AHA. But on BB´s heart, where our dreams, fantasies and visions come hand because? From what source draws man if he fantasized? A vision is created out of nothing or it could be maybe memories or pulses of higher intelligence?


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