MIRACLE of life - the magic of life

"There are two ways of life:"
either, as nothing would be a miracle.
or, as if everything is a miracle. I believe in the latter"
(Albert Einstein)

How true is this statement, is aware that us if we live our everyday lives carefully. If we open our eyes to the wonders of everyday, like the smile of a baby, the chirping of birds and the scent of freshly mown grass, then us is deeply aware that the world allows us to wonder full sensory experience. Yes we are even a miracle of the senses.

But this is often not so easy in all the everyday hustle and bustle, hustle and bustle. We are stunned by the noise and pressure of time, we are unconsciously in conversations and feel life too little. How do we get step by step again this spark, which are right in front of our nose - to the wonder of life itself?

"The deeper you can see the creation
you discovered all the more miraculous you."
(Martin Luther)

It's simple: by we expand our consciousness; By taking time for conversations, Exchange and reflection, for a coexistence of inspiration and knowledge about ourselves. The cosmic cine film festival has been created just that. It wants to promote the potential development of each individual and support the evolution; And with films that encourage the implementation and further thought. Movies that move and together in the cinema are looked at, to be then exchanged and to discover different points of view. But only one side of the Festival is to gain new insights. Further the appreciation for the filmmakers, which is a distribution of the films and the big celebration of the joint at the end of the Festival. On the cosmic Angel Award Gala celebrates life on April 16 at the mathäser Filmpalast in Munich and we look forward already to each one of you.


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