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Cosmic Cine 2012: program flyer

The Festival programme at a glance with all nominated films and information about the download or online.

Click here to download flyer as pdf

Cosmic Cine 2012: Magazine

The magazine to the Festival with all additional information now available online: Cine cosmic magazine 2012 - the program booklet with interesting background information, movie info, portraits and interviews.

Review 2012 - who cut together Festival

the cosmic cine film festival 2012 with all highlights, nominations and winners...

Review 2012 - Awards Gala

of the 17.05.2012 in the Kinopolis main-Taunus in Frankfurt/Sulzbach

The rankings 2012

Winner of 2012


Audience prize

1st place - PART TIME KINGS / the blue jewel
2nd place AWAKE
3rd place happy
Place 4 - infinity / the economics of happiness
Place 5 - Close-Up, the heart of diversity
6th place - living without money
Place 7 - tales of everyday magic
8th place - babies

Jury prize

1st place AWAKE
2nd place THRIVE
3rd place - the economics of happiness - the economics of happiness
Place 4 - part time Kings / the blue jewel / something unknown
5th - YOGA WOMAN / happy
6th - tales of everyday magic / DIVE!
7th place - babies / blindsight / the lost secret of immortality
Place 8 - infinity / tapping the source

2012 nominations

Living without money
GrowthBusters - hooked on growth
AWAKE - a travel guide in the awakening
Something unknown - is doing ´ t know what we don...
Thrive - what on earth does it take?
DIVE! Living off America BB´s waste
Close-Up, the heart of diversity
The blue jewel
The lost secret of immortality
Infinity - life never ends
Tales of everyday magic
Part time Kings
Meta morphosis
Tapping the source
Yoga woman
Economics of happiness - the economics of happiness


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